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hey, im no girl but, eh what the hell, this place looked fun! i started at a laveyan satanist about 3 years ago, but quickley evolved to the spiritual satanism side, and now youll find my name on the clergy page of www.joyofsatan.com !!! im Rev James Matther Hoffman, Official Priest in the name of Satan. needless to say, when my folks first caught wind of my interests, there was a spazz fest, but i dont really care, to keep them quiet ive managed to underground it JUST RIGHT so they dont annoy me, yet i openly give hail satans whenever i please. well you all should check hat site i linked out, if you havent already lol, its an awsome place, with egroups that have nearly 1000 members for your chatting enjoyment. they are for learning, and gaining your own power, just dont try to start a fight, we try to keep that to a minimum and ban instigators quite readily. oh, im an otaku too, i believe that was a requirement. lol. currentally a Naruto fiend. welp, Hail Satan and Ja Matane!
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