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More Mad Satanic Scribblings

I was wandering down Queen Street one Sunday morning, and as often happens when walking by myself, began mumbling to myself in Enochian. This happens frequently when I'm in a very good mood, and represent an overflow of good spiritual mojo. Enochian is very much a language involved with emotional intent. I'm very rarely able to discern exact meanings as the speech is guided from some place of emotional/spiritual intensity. From the seemingly random incantations, and various words of power, I was able to discern a very powerful sentiment . This thought/feeling/prayer was so powerful I literally sat down on the curb where I was and began to scribble to rough translation/intent.

"Lucifer, Bringer of Light and Enlightenment, give me an insight to shatter the long sleepfulness of humanity and awaken them to Satanic Glory"

Immediately a thought came very powerfully to me, and I scribbled it down as it ocurred to me.

At one time humanity required a faith that would bring us together, that would unite, and strengthen the community. It was a sociological and political necessity in many communities and civilization around the world. Christianity effected just this, through supressing and neutralizing individuality it made it possible for the community to thrive and grow by bringing it under central leadership and common power.

As culture progresses into the next millenium and our species faces an entirely different set of circumstances (which have already begun to and will continue) to effect a very profound change: As we multiply, and competition for resources increase, the opportunity for the individual to become overwhelmed by mediocracy multiplies by equivalent degrees.

What we now require is a faith that demands excellence, that encourages success, and that elevates the individual. What our new millenium needs is a philosophy that will stratify, set apart, that encourages an individual to fight tooth and nail to elevate themselves above the huddled masses.
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